Many Hats is a shared workspace, overlooking the Bedford Basin, offering entrepreneurs an accessible, affordable place to work while encouraging a healthy work-life balance.

What Our Members are Saying:

I needed my own private office with access to a boardroom. I want my clients to feel immediately comfortable and relaxed in my office space. The other added value of being in Many Hats is the potential for new clients and referrals from within the space itself. Jenine, in my opinion, is a visionary and is seeking to create a workspace that truly meets the needs of its tenants/ members, with so many value-added features.

Kristen O’Keefe

Becoming a resident member of Many Hats has made a significant difference to my business. It has allowed my business to be seen in a more professional manner which has directly resulted in business growth. Additionally being exposed to likeminded entrepreneurs has provided me with a true sense of community and support.

Bekah Robinson

Many Hats is a vibrant, collaborative space that cultivates connections and bigger thinking. I’m inspired by my colleagues – innovative entrepreneurs of all stripes, who are focused on continual growth – and by the beautiful backdrop! Best of all, having my own room with a view has allowed me the freedom and creativity to do deeper, more meaningful work with my clients.

Sherie Hodds

What is Many Hats?

Born out of a need to alleviate the mental, physical and financial struggles associated with entrepreneurship, Many Hats is a workspace aimed at revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs work, providing them the tools and resources they need to lead both successful businesses and rewarding personal lives. We offer a much needed opportunity for entrepreneurs to access an affordable, inspiring workspace with valuable tools and resources they need to build and ENJOY a successful business. Located on the top floor of the new Bedford Basin Farmers Market, Many Hats members and drop in clients will show up for work to be greeted with the eclectic, european vibe of the farmers market and a breathtaking view of the Bedford Basin. Become a Resident Member and enjoy your own private office, join as a Visiting Member to access our co working space or simply drop in to rent our boardroom, studio or business centre. Choose the option that best fits your needs but trust me, you want to work here !

What You Get with a Many Hats Membership


Collaborate with a supportive community to help your business thrive


Receive discounts on other Many Hats member services


Promote your business and gain new clients through the 
Many Hats network


  • Escape isolation and be part of a supportive network
  • Benefit from an atmosphere of like-minded, driven, successful female entrepreneurs
  • Gain access to experts in a variety of disciplines
  • Obtain valuable second opinions on your work, professional relationships and ideas


  • Receive between 5-20% off Many Hats member services, including massage therapy, photography, business coaching, accounting services and more
  • Feature your business through Many Hats member promotions, including on web, social media, digital screens and other Many Hats marketing collateral
  • Gain access to shared business centre for working and networking, as well as the opportunity to rent boardroom and studio space at reduced costs
  • Benefit from client-sharing and cross promotion through the Many Hats member network


  • Expand your network and gain access to new clients
  • Build your business through Many Hats member referrals
  • Increase your value for clients requiring additional services by connecting them with reliable experts in the Many Hats network
  • Team-up with other Many Hats members on client projects for new opportunities and exposure

Contact Us

3rd Floor,
Bedford Basin Farmer’s Market,
397 Bedford Highway

Conveniently located on the third floor of the Bedford Basin Farmers’ Market, Many Hats members and visitors can enjoy scenic views of the Bedford Basin from the space, delicious meals, baked goods and lattes from the downstairs café and of course, fresh local produce available at the market. Our unique location is just one of the many perks of Many Hats.

Contact us today to learn more about our memberships and our rental spaces available to the general public. Our founder, Jenine Panagiotakos, would love to hear from you and give you tour of our beautiful space!