About many hats

Many Hats is a co-working space that promotes a community atmosphere, inspires harmony, protects health and wellness and stimulates growth through cross promotion and internal networking.

Physically, it hosts 16 private offices, a co-working space with an ocean front view, a member's lounge for brainstorming and discussion as well as a breathtaking studio that generates natural light from the ocean and creates the perfect ambiance for yoga classes, guided meditation workshops, fitness events and photography sessions, to name only a few.

Many Hats is more than a workspace, it is a home. Inside our space you will find slippers by desks, cozy blankets on the back of chairs, family photographs and colourful mugs on desktops and motivational messages decorating the walls.  At Many Hats people learn how to run their businesses on their own terms while preserving their health and wellness and exploring their professional and personal needs. In an era of exhaustion born from multi-tasking home and work demands, Many Hats is the perfect answer to having it all.  

OUr members

Many Hats works with entrepreneurs in the HRM who are ambitious and social, striving to reach their personal and professional goals.

The ideal Many Hats member is also seeking the benefits that come with collaboration and a healthier work-life balance.

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our rates

We offer private and shared offices, co-working space, board room rentals, business centre rentals and studio space rentals.

Become a member and enjoy our community benefits, or simply drop in and use our beautiful space as you need it!