Real Talk

Before you go out on your own, so to speak, or start a business, you get a heads up from everyone else who’s done it before: “It’s hard”.

Even my father who founded his first law firm over 30 years ago told me, “If I had known ahead of time all the challenges I’d confront as a business owner, I might not have done it!” So I knew it would be hard.  

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Lenta Wright
The Many Hats Vision

When I was 7 or 8 years old I remember laying on the floor in my play room drawing a blue print of a three level building. In it were rooms filled with things that I loved the most, like a library of books, a flower shop, a music room, a toy store and an aquarium. I called this place The Spice of Life because even back then I knew that there was so much out there for us to enjoy in this life and I wanted it all … under one roof.

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Jenine Panagiotakos