The Many Hats Vision

When I was 7 or 8 years old I remember laying on the floor in my play room drawing a blue print of a three level building. In it were rooms filled with things that I loved the most, like a library of books, a flower shop, a music room, a toy store and an aquarium. I called this place The Spice of Life because even back then I knew that there was so much out there for us to enjoy in this life and I wanted it all … under one roof.


Fast forward 20 years as I was sitting in my home based photography studio that I had opened in 2007. I was a few years in, the honeymoon stage of my business was over and I began to feel stuck! I had so many ideas that wanted to come to life, but my skills were limited. At the time, I was a self taught photographer with an English degree, three years into her first small business. There was so much I didn’t know how to do by myself; web design, accounting, marketing to name a few, and I couldn’t afford to outsource everything.

That’s when I started to picture a place where I could go to work surrounded by like minded entrepreneurs with vision, passion and heart. I started to envision a community of small business owners and creatives coming together to make their own dreams and the dreams of others around them come true. In this place I would never feel stuck because there would always be someone near by with an answer to my problem or at least an ear to listen to my frustrations.

Those moments came and went in my imagination for the better part 10 years! I didn’t act on my idea right away because it wasn’t the right time for it, or for me. During those 10 years I married the man of dreams, we built our home and had two beautiful children while still working my photography business. I was not ready for this idea at that time because I had other dreams I wanted to bring to life first. So this idea of mine patiently waited for me to feel ready for it, and I am so glad it did.

It wasn’t until March 2016, after four years at home with my babies, motivation to drive my photography business was at a stand still but the desire to create something still burning strong, when I decided it was time for a change, it was time to do this.

The concept started off as one thing and has evolved over the past three years into something so much better than I ever expected. Many Hats is so much more than just a workspace. It is a space not only to work, but to connect, create and grow.

Whether you want to work full time in your private office, teach a weekly class in our studio or simply have somewhere to go and get through your emails in peace and quiet, we have you covered.

We have members who range from full time lawyers and accountants to part time yoga instructors and workshop hosts, and everyone feels at home here! Regardless of the nature of your business, how often you work, and regardless of your income… your vision is important, your business is valuable and we are here to help you build the business of your dreams and create a life you are proud of!

Come work with us. Trust me, you’ll love it here!

Jenine Panagiotakos

Founder of Many Hats Workspace

Work for yourself, not by yourself

Jenine Panagiotakos