Real Talk

Before you go out on your own, so to speak, or start a business, you get a heads up from everyone else who’s done it before: “It’s hard”.

Even my father who founded his first law firm over 30 years ago told me, “If I had known ahead of time all the challenges I’d confront as a business owner, I might not have done it!” So I knew it would be hard.  

I just didn’t know how hard.  

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Like many entrepreneurs and small business owners, I got into business because I’ve always been a self-starter. I had a skill that could help people and I was passionate about it.

What I didn’t truly understand until I started my company was that using my skill to help others requires many, many other skills. This, my friends, is small business.  

Let’s just say it takes many hats. I get it now that I’ve taken my business from zero to over 20 private clients. 

Naturally, there are several types of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Depending on the nature of work, size of operation, and owner’s aspirations, everyone needs a different set of skills.  

In my case, I’m a one-woman show that contracts other services when needed, but I don’t want to be a single consultant forever. I want to build a team and business that serves clients and moves forward regardless of whether I’m in the office. Growth and development of people is essential to my vision.

So I have a lot of responsibility. I’m 100% responsible for marketing, selling, servicing, billing managing, operations, administration, and financials – all while planning for growth.

When I’m literally doing it all, it’s pretty darn tough to make good decisions on all fronts.

Okay, okay, I don’t really do it all… Thank goodness I found a great bookkeeper and accountant!

Regardless, if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, you know what I mean.

That’s why – if you’re planning to start a business or working from home – I’m going to help you make a good decision.

I was reluctant to move out of my home office because it was convenient and inexpensive. Why would I fix something that wasn’t broken, especially when my attention was on so many other important things?

I’ll tell you five reasons why moving out of a home office and into a shared workspace is a good plan…

First, moving into an out-of-home office enables better focus.

Like a sanctuary away from all my home-based distractions and responsibilities (add those to my to-do list!), it gives me peace and greater productivity. At Many Hats, the beautifully-designed offices and gorgeous basin view sure do help. 

Second, a more visible office offers better exposure.

With all the foot traffic in and around a shared workspace, I encounter people who would normally never learn about me.

In fact, I’ve heard people walk by my door at Many Hats and say, “Proven Marketing for Professionals… That’s me! I should look into this.”  A friend even said recently that he sees my business card everywhere since I moved into Many Hats. That’s cool. 

A third reason why workspace membership is valuable is the community it provides.

This is a network of people who share similar challenges and work towards similar goals. It is a wonderful resource of support and advice. This was especially true for me, given that I had recently moved to Halifax, didn’t have much of a network here, and was used to having strategic conversations with myself!

Now, I should point out that not all shared workspaces are equal in this regard. I feel fortunate to be part of the Many Hats community because members are so genuine and ready to help each other. Our founder Jenine Panagiotakos is a true leader who has established a wonderful culture here.

A fourth reason why workspace membership is beneficial is that it offers room to grow.

Every workspace is a bit different, but Many Hats offers a range of affordable options including co-working, shared, and private offices. These allow me the flexibility to figure out my needs and start building my team without committing to a long-term lease. That’s pretty great.

Last but not least, shared workspace generates referrals – plain and simple.

The rate and number of referrals depends on many factors, not least of which is the surrounding community. At Many Hats, I can tell you that Jenine and others go out of her way to connect the right people within our community. I have been a direct beneficiary of this since moving into a private office.

Overall, moving my office into Many Hats was one of the best decisions I made last year. I wish I had moved in sooner!

Don’t wait until a change in your business forces you out of your home office later…

Avoid frustration and experience the benefits by getting a co-working membership, shared office, or private office at a shared workspace now.

Click here to apply for membership in Halifax’s best workspace. Many Hats would love to have you.

When you take the leap, you can send a thank-you email to I’ll be expecting it 😉


Catherine Crosbie

Founder & CEO

Proven Marketing for Professionals Inc.

(902) 453-1903

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