What hours are the Many Hats workspaces open?
8:00 am - 12:00 am excluding the winter season, which is 8:00 am -10:00 pm

What do the different work spaces look like?
We have a quiet only co-working space that has several desk spaces as well as a beautiful ocean front view. We also have a members lounge that you can work from that offers a more flexibility for taking phone calls and client meetings.

Does Many Hats encourage networking?
Yes, absolutely. We regularly share local networking events on our Members Facebook Group page as well as internally encourage cross promotion between members. In regard to facilitated networking events, the second Wednesday of every month we proudly host the “Your Big Potential Meet-Up” in our members lounge that invites members as well as the public to enjoy a facilitated discussion on business opportunities led by coach and member, Sherie Hodds.

Where can I park and where can my clients park?
Resident Members have the option to park underground, if space permits, if the parkade is full members are ask to park in the overflow gravel parking space located behind the Irving Station. Co-working members park i the overflow gravel parking space located behind the Irving Station. If members are only stopping in for a short time (under 2 hours) they are able to park in the spaces around the building. The same applies for your clients. If time in the building surpasses 2 hours you must park offsite in the gravel parking lot, and direct your clients to.

I am not comfortable with using my home address for my business mail, can I use the Many Hats address?
Absolutely. We offer a virtual membership where you use our mailing address and can pick your mail up from our location. This membership also allows you access to our Member Facebook Group page where you can network with other members.

What type of businesses work out of Many Hats?
We host a broad spectrum of businesses from lawyers, administrative experts and accountants to health and wellness practitioners (reiki masters, massage therapists, yoga instructors), to creative freelancers (photographers, graphic designers, marketing). Click here to see our current list of members.

If I rent out a private office, what am I responsible to move in and what do you provide?
We provide all the utilities necessary to operate your space effectively as well as a key. You are responsible to furnish the space and do the manual labour of the move.

I need a fast and reliable internet connection, what do you offer?
We offer an extremely fast internet connection that is reliable and does not lose connection easily. We also offer free WiFi which you can promote to your clients.

Is there a space for me to refrigerate my lunch and heat it up?
Yes, our Members Lounge has a kitchenette with access to a fridge, dishwashing station, Keurig, kettle and microwave.

Is there access to water, tea and coffee? Food services?
Yes, our kitchenette has access to a kettle and a coffee machine. If you do not bring your own food and drink to work with you there is ample food and drink for purchase downstairs at the Bedford Basin Market Bistro & Cafe. You can also use their services for catering when hosting meetings or events.

I work in the shared co-working space but sometimes need private workspace to meet with clients and team members. Do you have a boardroom, or private room, that could accommodate this?
Yes, we have a private boardroom you can rent by the hour to host private meetings. This room includes a brainstorming whiteboard wall.

How is signage and promotion of my business advertised at Many Hats? What do you do and what do I do?
As a member of Many Hats (Resident, Co-working, Virtual) you are able to tag Many Hats in any of your social media posts and Many Hats will share your information. You can also set Many Hats as a co-host on Facebook to any of your workshops and events and we will share on our page (Many Hats is not responsible to advertise for its tenants). Many Hats offers a directory sign located downstairs in the Bedford basin Market that showcases its members.

I like to work in quiet spaces and get disrupted easily. Do any of your shared workspaces offer quiet only working areas?
Yes, our co-working space is a quiet only work zone and members are very respectful of controlling noise and take any phone calls or meetings outside this space.

How does payment work to use your space?
Hourly packages to rent meeting or studio space is paid for before use. Resident Members sign a yearly lease and pay a monthly rental fee on the first of every month while Co-working members are able to sign up for 3, 6, 9 or 12 month leases and pay a rental fee on the first of every month.