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Mindful Me – Emotional Resilience Program for Kids

Mindful Me is a six session program that teaches children (ages 6+) mindfulness strategies, builds their awareness of their emotions, and builds emotional resilience. Showing children another way through difficult emotions and thoughts; so they no longer have to feel held back by their worries. Learning that thoughts are simply thoughts, building awareness of when we get caught up in our heads and learning strategies to bring themselves back to the present moment, feel more comfortable and go after what they want.

Drawing from elements of the Zones of Regulation, Growing Up Mindful, MindUp Curriculum, Acceptance and Commitment strategies, and Mindfulness practices, this program is designed to help create children’s awareness of their emotional states, actions they can take to change how they feel, and how to apply mindfulness to their every day routines. Parents will develop awareness of their own emotional states as well as their children’s, learn strategies to help their children as well as themselves, develop their own mindfulness practice, and obtain resources and strategies to use at home with the whole family!

September 9, 16, 23, 30
October 14, 21

Registration Fee:
1 Child/Parent $225 +tax
2 Children/Parent $300 +tax

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