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Essential Oils for Sleep

We know that everything we do during our daily routine influences our health and well being; however, we often forget that our sleeping habits are just as crucial to our health. Yes, exercising, eating right, and finding a healthy way to deal with emotions and stress are all important parts of our day, but allowing our minds and bodies to rest and recuperate at night is equally important. While some may think that the only consequences of poor sleep are feeling groggy or sluggish the next day, sleep deprivation has actually been linked to a number of health risks that can impact the body.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their calming and soothing properties that can help relax the body and mind. The unique chemical properties found in certain essential oils make them useful for promoting an environment that is conducive\ for sleep. Because there is such a wide variety of essential oils, and because each oil has its own set of benefits, individuals can find an oil that works best for them. No two people will have the exact same reaction to a single oil, which means that each person can experiment to find the best essential oil for their needs.

Each person’s needs and rituals are a little bit different when it comes to sleeping, which makes essential oils a useful agent for creating a quality sleeping environment.

Join us next month to learn more about how essential oils can help you support a healthier more restful sleep experience.

Class space is limited to 6 attendees. Please RSVP "going" to reserve your spot.

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