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Is it ADHD? Overcoming attention problems with the help of an OT

Session Highlights

▫️Identify other disorders that mimic ADHD
▫️Recognize 3 rehab concepts to deal with the root cause
▫️Examine what types of assessments need to be administered to access other treatment options
▫️Learn about cutting edge programs that CAN reboot, rewire and rehabilitate your brain

This is a FREE session in suite 322 (studio). Please RSVP (Snow date will be Mon March 4 at 6:45)

To register send an email to or register online (choose the workshop tab)

About the speaker:
Lisa Dennis is a Doctoral student at Boston University and has been an Occupational Therapist since 1999 working with a diverse clientele. She has a private practice in HRM offering an innovative approach to deal with the root cause of learning difficulties to help children and adults suffering from concussion, ADHD/ADD, FASD, PTSD, dyslexia, autism, sensory processing disorder, depression, anxiety, etc. With expertise in many different interventions from across the world, she can help clients improve neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change itself) by rehabilitating the brain to help restore or improve function.

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